What do you feel when you open a fashion magazine? Do you like what you see? Or are you disgusted? How about when you turn on the television? Well, during the Girls’ Stories, Girls’ Voices camp this summer, we will be discussing those feelings. We will spend time talking about what we as viewers can trust as being real and what is simply impossible. I look forward to meeting all of you and learning about your feelings on the media. See you soon! Brittni

My focus during the week of Girls’ stories, Girls’ Voices will be on bullying and teen violence. I’m sure everyone has had some experience with bullying either as a victim, aggressor, or onlooker. This is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed particularly in schools. As a future educator, I have geared a lot of my research towards the bullying that takes place in schools and how to prevent it. I hope that by understanding why these activities take place, I will be better able to assist victims of teenage violence and possibly stop it from occurring. I look forward to the chance to work with you girls and hear your stories and provide feedback including ways to cope and deal with bullying and violence, and hopefully make in impact on your lives. Kacy

The topic I have chosen to research is on adolescent girls body image. Body image is something each girl will struggle with at some point during her adolescence. It is my hope that during the camp we will find ways to become happy with the way we look and encourage others do to the same in order to decrease the risk and prevalence of eating disorders and extreme dieting in today’s society. Lindsay

2024 Dates:

Madison, Wisconsin:

June 10-14: 9am - 3pm

Bozeman, Montana:
July 22-26: 9am - 3pm


Edgewood Campus School
Madison, WI 53711

Bozeman, MT 59715


The week-long program was launched in the summer of 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin, and has evolved into a quality program that challenges girls to explore themselves and their voices, their friends and families and then to reach out to offer their fits and knowledge to their community and the global world.